See what our patients say about their cataract/premium lens experience...

testimonial"I had worn glasses since I was in third grade. Everything went very well. I could see very well and stopped at the mall for something and I could see! It was great! This was 10 years ago. I have no regrets, life has been very good as my sight is. I have told my friends about not wearing glasses anymore. It was a very good decision."
Bebe McCardle, Retired Homemaker
testimonial"I was diagnosed with cataracts at an early age. Dr. Strinden recommended the Crystalens in both eyes, which would allow me to get rid of both glasses and contacts. I also had the PRK procedure in my right eye after the cataract procedure to help me be able to see far distances and my left eye was left a little nearsighted so I could still read and see closer distances, but still pass my drivers test without restrictions. Dr. Strinden and the staff were professional and helpful with answering my questions. They prepared me well and told me what to expect with the surgeries and afterwards care. My life has changed dramatically after the surgeries. I wake up and see without having to fumble to find my glasses. I can be outside on a windy, dusty or cold, snowy day which is what my job entails and not worry about dirt or snow getting in my contacts or drying them out. I am very pleased with the outcome and would do it again.
Chris Wehri, Self Employed
testimonial"From the time I was little, I needed to wear glasses to correct my vision...that meant thick lenses that were made of glass and were very heavy. Dr. Strinden explained that he would implant two lenses, "piggy-backed" in each eye to correct my vision. The surgery performed was truly a "life-changing" experience. I am very thrilled and grateful with the results of my procedure. My own personal miracle!"
Lynn Carlson, Radiation Therapist