Lasik is one of several procedures we do at Bagan Strinden Vision to correct your vision, to reduce your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

If you have considered having your eyes fixed, to reduce your need for contact lenses or glasses, no doubt you have many questions and concerns about it. You probably have wondered: Can my prescription be corrected, even the astigmatism? Is lasik safe? Which Doctor should I see?

Look no further, Bagan Strinden Vision is the region's most complete vision correction center! If you would like to see better without glasses or contacts, we can help you!

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Am I a refractive surgery candidate?

Refractive surgery technology has improved to the degree that almost all refractive errors can be corrected. You can come to our office for a free screening to assure that you have a correctable refractive error, or call our office and tell us what your prescription is you can get it from the written prescription that was given to you when you had your last eye exam or from the numbers found on the box containing your contact lenses.

In general, candidates for refractive surgery procedures must meet the following criteria:

How much does LASIK cost?

$2150 per eye. We have special discounts for some active military personnel. Few providers will announce their price, as we have, and you should be aware that other clinics will probably ask you to come in, and pay for an exam, before they will quote you a price.

Ziemer Laser

We provide the most complete and personal service in the region, and we have no add-ons to our price. This includes all pre-operative and post-operative services, whether provided here or by your usual eye doctor.

Lifetime Vision Correction Commitment

The Doctors at BaganStrindenVision want you to know how committed we are, and how confident we are, that you will maintain excellent vision after your procedure with us. If you require a touch-up procedure, it will be free within the year after your treatment.

It is natural for your eye to gradually change as time goes by, and over the years you may have some changes in your vision that might require a touch-up procedure to keep the effect you had after your procedure.

If you will maintain our Lifetime Commitment, that touch-up will be only $500. To maintain that status, you need only see your eye doctor, any eye doctor, yearly, and have the results of the exam sent to us. That way we can keep track of the changes to help us design your touch-up.

If you do not keep up with the yearly exams, we can still do a touch-up should you want it done. That fee will be 10% of the original fee per year, but not less than $500, or more than the original fee.

Insurance Coverage

If your insurance considers refractive surgery as a covered service, we will gladly submit the claim for you. However, payment is still due prior to surgery and any insurance payment will be promptly refunded to you.

Payment Schedule

As this is considered an elective procedure, payment is expected in full prior to surgery.


We have arranged for special financing through Wells Fargo Health Advantage. You can use your Wells Fargo Health Advantage card for a wide range of ophthalmic surgeries including LASIK, ICL and cataracts. Go to Wells Fargo Health Advantage ( to apply online or call our office for more details.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Those with flex plans or cafeteria plans through their employer can use this plan to pay for their procedure. This allows you to pay for medical expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Other Charges

This includes only care related to the vision correction surgery. Any other eye health issues will be billed as usual. If you require glasses or contact lenses after surgery, the charge for these services will be your responsibility.