Refractive Cataract Surgery with Premuim Lenses

What are my cataract surgery lens implant options?

Based on your visual preferences and lifestyle, we will help you decide what cataract lens implant option is best for you. Here is a brief explanation of the options available:

As you can see, we have many implant options available for patients undergoing cataract surgery who want to replace the aged natural lens with a lens that provides distance vision and at the same time, restore the ability to see at intermediate or near. We will spend the time necessary in determining what implant options will best meet your individual expectations and lifestyle needs.

We ask that you complete the Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange/Premium Lens Questionnaire. This will greatly assist all involved in helping you make the best decision regarding the lens options available. This can be downloaded and you can fill it out and bring it in or you can fill it out when you come for your exam.

At the time of your initial workup and evaluation, we will determine your eyes' refractive error including astigmatism and overall eye health. After that, we will discuss, in detail, the lens options, eyedrop requirements, anticipated surgical outcomes, visual acuity goals and any additional cost if you choose the advanced technology lenses.

Your cataract evaluation will be a dilated exam, lasting approximately two (2) hours. You may choose to bring a driver with you, as your eyes will be dilated.